‘Let down your walls,’ you said.

‘Let me in.’

I lowered my defences and you ran a siege,

burning the heart of my city as you left it,


(C) A. Madin



i remember nearly telling you                                                                           i love you

but i was trapped inside the snow globe on the mantelpiece of your heart.


our emotions are blizzards hidden beneath shells

flurried in your hands


we ate our rainforest sandwiches and i felt the burnt wood fail to fuel my chorus

and the soil turn my tongue to clay


because our flesh was formed from flesh that was not our own.

our sweat leaks snail slime and our bones are bovine blood


so many won’t feel the future forecast –

we were grown from the taste of extinction.


(c) Alison Madin


natural art

i remember walking through the student sculpture exhibition

the project: portraiture

i had never called an old person beautiful before

but here they were in front of me, in full polymer glory

and it came to me that the figures with ugly features

were created with just as much care and time as those with dainty noses

was there not the same caution and consideration crafting

the same things, but in different shapes, when working

with the same medium?

living tissue, the living being, is the product of natural art,

not the processed stamp of a factory.


(C) Alison Madin 2016


Based on a selection of Cindy Sherman Film Stills

‘I had thought many ways many times of how I could escape. In some dreams I have seen myself standing alone but for a suitcase at my side, waiting to hitch a one-way ticket to an unknown destination. And then I take the sensible route, spending hours wandering into the unknown wilderness of libraries; what things I could learn there! I could build a life upon the foundation of these books’ mysteries, if only I were smart enough. Even more unrealistic than time spent studying, though more suited to my personality, I imagine myself on television, marketing the latest domestic product, posing alongside the sink. These visions only grow into greater things. A life in the limelight: A film star! I would spend all my time…’
‘Oh, sorry. Here I am back on earth, and I’ve dropped my groceries. There’s always something to bring me crashing back down! It seems I have thought many ways many times of how I would have escaped. I have seen myself standing there, wherever there is, and wherever there goes. That was back then, whenever then was. Back then, I was something sillier than I am now; I was young and a fantasist. But now I’m old and wise. But I was young, and I was a dreamer. For so long, it seems I have been dreaming, my mind racing free from the limits, from the structures of reality, free from the strings that fastened my body down. Back then, I was in some other place; but here I am now, here I am, bound by the bonds that hold me in this moment, bound by the threads that hold me in my place; such threads that once had the power to hold my body only to this home have now stolen into my mind, and locked it here with my body. Oh, all this time, they were creeping in, caging me in. No longer can my mind transcend my cell; it is too late now. I am nothing more than a housewife, and an old one at that. I spent too long being here I am in this moment, dreaming of being over there, dreaming of being back then, than instead of over here, instead of now.’

you’re gone now

you’re gone now
and i can’t see you
you’re gone now
and i can’t see through
the way i’m supposed to think
when you’re living with other girls
and you’re surrounded by drink

you’re gone now
and it’s like you were never here
you’re gone now
and i’m in the mist, so unclear
of what you’re doing and who you’re knowing
where you’re to-ing and where you’re fro-ing
how you’re thinking about showing

that you miss me

will you kiss me when you see me
will you wrap me in your arms
will you tell me that you love me
and you hope i’ve stayed unharmed?

you’re gone now
and i’m all alone
you’re gone now
and you never even phone
to say that you remember the life you have no more
to say that you remember the times we had before
before. before you moved somewhere better

you’re gone now
and you’re with better friends
you’re gone now
so ring me, tell me when it ends
tell me you don’t care about the girl you left behind
tell me that i’m gone, i’m a burden off your mind
tell me.

tell me.

but you won’t tell me
because you’re gone now.

A Death in the Night

And in dreams

will you come to me?

and in dreams

will you live?

and in daylight

do I long for you

long for what we did

in the morning

when we kissed

and the evening

when you said

‘our day is almost over

but we will always love

and I will always be there

my hand to your glove

til the sun sets on my time

and my thoughts are no more’

But what sign did you leave me

when you walked out that door?

what sign did you leave me

when you wanted me no more?

The sun arose that morning

but a new life was a-dawning

sometime in that night

you died

dead that morning when you rised

In a newborn stupor you walked

Because you loved me no more

some plagued being infected you

So you went to live with the infected too

Your thought was consumed

And is lost in the swarm

of the dead that walk

Of that dead that talk

to me no more

but in dreams

I still search for you

and in daylight

I still hope

Because that night

you died and I died too

We both were killed

By that creature’s stroke